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“We must ensure strong rear for our soldiers by working more”: Hayk Marutyan


During the regular working conference in the City Hall, before turning to the issues of the agenda Mayor Hayk Marutyan instructed to take certain measures to carry out different social programs which can be needed these days.
The Staff Secretary of the Municipality David Hambaryan stated that all the employees who are in militia troops or volunteers and are going to front will keep getting their salaries in accordance with the Labour Code.
“The military law and generally all is going on is our problem number one. At the same time, we have no right to suspend the processes going on in the capital, to change their pace and worsen the process. Each resident of Yerevan should see that the city authorities are working for 100% to ensure that everything is all right, everything is under control. If any activity in the capital collapses it will have negative impact on our activities at front. We must make people feel certain that everything is all right at their homes. We must ensure strong rear for our soldiers so that they feel calm and protected”, stressed the Mayor.
Mayor Marutyan once again emphasized that the city authorities are ready to stand by homeland defenders and all infrastructures are ready to take all measures to protect our Homeland.


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