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A story of a photo: how the photo of disinfection action of Yerevan transport appeared among best photos of The Guardian


British “The Guardian” published one of the shoots of the process of disinfection of Yerevan transport among the best pictures of the weekend. The author of the photo is the photographer of Yerevan Municipality Department of Information and Public Relations Arthur Harutyunyan.

Arthur has been engaged in photography for 8 years. Working at the City Hall of Yerevan he mainly takes photos of official meetings, discussions where there is not so many chances to be creative. That day they were working in fast and extraordinary. From the very first moment the situation looked like a movie episode. Their task was to make the population aware of the disinfection actions carried out in the public transport as soon as possible. Arthur says that that the photo became a success due to their teamwork. The cameraman climbed the trolleybus from the back entrance. And Arthur seeing the special light rushed to catch it.
Today, the news centre of the Municipality carries on working and informing public about the most important events of the city and the activity of the city authorities aimed to new coronavirus spread prevention. Please, follow the official news.

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