New Medical Equipment for “Sourb Astvatsamayr” MC from Health Fund for Children of Armenia


Due to the support of the Health Fund for Children of Armenia, the “Sourb Astvatsamayr” Medical Centre has got two new medical apparatuses of the new generation. According to the head of ENT service of the “Sourb Astvatsamayr” MC S. Pkhrikyan, the new device makes it possible to perform invasive diagnostics which is highly important for early revelation of a disease. The cooperation of the MC and the fund aims at saving kids’ health and lives. Two years ago, a newborn baby needed emergency surgery which was to perform abroad, The first aid was provided at “Sourb Astvatsamayr”. Local doctors cooperated with the specialists of the Necker hospital in France and the baby was operated on in France. Owing to the efforts of the fund and the parents it became possible to raise nearly 39 thousand euro within a night. The local doctor Yeghia Karapetyan Armenian by nation put efforts to provide a significant discount, so it became possible to save amounts which the parents decided to direct to the fund. Then a decision was made to purchase two apparatuses and the fund added the necessary amount. This was informed by the founder and director of the Health Fund for Children of Armenia Armen Martirosyan.
Every year, about 700 operations are performed at the medical centre most of which are endoscopic. Due to the new device the quality of services will increase, making it possible to avoid possible post-operation complications, to speed up the operations and to reduce the in-clinic period.


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