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Hayk Marutyan: No one can phone me and ask to give a permission for illegal construction


Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan introduced the new head of the Department of Urban Development and Land Control Robert Darbinyan to the staff of the department. Hayk Marutyan claimed that Yerevan Mayor and the Chief Architect of the capital are ready to show support to the persons coordinating that sector.

“Any illegal construction must be stopped immediately, without negotiations, requests or finding some mutual relations. There is no one in or outside Armenia who can phone me or the Chief Architect with the request to permit an illegal construction. It’s impossible. You can be sure that no action can be taken secretly, behind you back and no agreement can be gained with those who is engaged in illegal construction”, said the Mayor.
The Mayor also informed that hereinafter that field will be coordinated by the Chief Architect of Yerevan.
The Mayor set a requirement before the employees to provide a new quality of work, to s respond actively and prevent the cases of illegal construction. The process of giving building permissions will be simplified in the capital.
“We are developing a proper city, forming a proper society and state. Building development in our city must be legal and people are to be informed that the process of giving building permissions will be simplified”, mentioned the Mayor.
Hayk Marutyan noted that the employees of the Department of Urban Development and Land Control in teamwork with other structures of Yerevan Municipality are to protect the interests of more than one million of residents.

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