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Green zone surrounding Opera building to be restored


The building of the National Theater of opera and Ballet after A. Spendiarov, built by Tamanyan’s project 80 years ago, was to be surrounded by a park, where spectators were to go out during the intervals of the performances and walk about. Years later the building of the Opera which is considered to be the visit card of the capital, occurred to be surrounded by cafes.
Since the beginning of the year the Municipality has started the process of restoration and development of green zones of Yerevan. The first zone is the area adjacent to Azatutyan square. The entities leased the community-owned areas for many years have already been sent notifications from the Municipality offering withdrawal from some parts of the leased areas. In accordance with the contracts, the Municipality is entitled to submit the demand on withdrawal from the area given for rent notifying on it 30 days beforehand. According to the contracts, the Municipality is not obliged to compensate the costs, however, attaching importance to entrepreneurship-boosting policy, the city authorities suggest the entities going on their activities in other more appropriate areas of the city.
In spring, in accordance with the project, the area will be improved and landscaped, their previous look and significance will be restored.
Besides the area of the opera Yerevan Municipality plans to restore other green zones provided for recreation.


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