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Reorganization of policlinics will bring to improvement of conditions: Deputy Mayor Gevorg Simonyan


To ensure efficient management in a number of policlinics of Yerevan and to improve the quality of services and facilities, Yerevan Municipality plans reorganization of some joint-stock companies. Among them are “Arabkir policlinic for children” CJSC which is to join “New Arabkir” health centre; the policlinics N1, N5 and “Urban Endocrine Dispensary” to join policlinic N4. To present the aim of the merger to employees, Yerevan Deputy Mayor Gevorg Simonyan together with some members of the Council of Elders visited the medical establishments involved in the project.

“Reforms sometimes require decisions that are not easy to be made. Today we have come to talk about one of such decisions. Taking into account the mechanism of financing of the Ministry of Health, small policlinics try hard to survive. Let’s face the facts, this policlinic is among them. The facilities we can see here prove it”, marked Gevorg Simonyan.

Before stating the project all problems were studied. The program mainly involves the policlinics that serve a small number of citizens, have no financial and labour resources to provide proper services.
According to the Deputy Mayor, the merger process will benefit policlinics as procurement process will be implemented at bigger quantities and therefore at more beneficial prices. Laboratories will work more effectively and new equipment can be purchased which will certainly increase the quality of services. Moreover, it is more reasonable to maintain one building instead of two. This way it will become more feasible to renovate one building providing this way better working conditions. Healthier financial situation will contribute to improvement of the sphere which can bring to pay rise.

In policlinics N1,4 and 5 and in the Urban Endocrine Dispensary financial problems and debts have accumulated. They have no profit, can’t develop, no investments are made and they always depend on the financial support of a philanthropist or the Municipality. On the other hand, there are policlinics which are large, more independent financially, can buy equipment, carry out renovations, develop and provide services of a higher quality.

Employees of these medical establishments are worried about the consequences of the coming reorganization. They expressed their concerns to the Deputy Mayor who also listened to the opinions expressed by patients.
Gevorg Simonyan assured that no redundancy is anticipated. All employees will keep their positions. The quality of their work will be assessed later.
The draft decision of the reorganization of medical establishments will soon be submitted to the Council of Elders.


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