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“It is not just about improvement of living conditions, it is about saving lives”:nearly 170 families to get new flats


The families living for decades in high emergency blocks of flats at 8 and 10 Artsakh street, will get new flats. This municipal social program of resettlement has come to its final stage.
The majority of the families living in badly damaged houses will soon be resettled in new flats, the rest of the families will live in the flats rented by the Municipality before putting the ne building into operation.
“Currently, the Municipality has a certain housing fund, which is nearly 100 flats, where the families will be settled. For the rest 70 families the Municipality will rent flats at the cost of community means as we can’t let people keep living in the conditions dangerous for life. The families will be living in rented flats till the new block of flats at 3, Sisakyan street will be put into operation. This process is not just about improvement of living conditions, it is actually about saving lives”, said Deputy Mayor of Yerevan Hayk Sagrsyan.
In a few days the legal part of the project will be completed and the process of resettlement will be started.
The new block of flats provided for residents of badly damaged buildings is to be put into operation this year.


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