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Video Conference of Social Protection Council


The video conference of the Council of Social Protection was held in Yerevan City Hall. 19 members of the Council, 1 representative of Yerevan Council of Elders and 1 independent expert participated in the video conference.

The First Deputy Mayor Hrachya Sargsyan presented the structural changes to be made by the decision of Yerevan Council of Elders taken on 24.06.2020. Accordingly, the Department of Social Welfare and division of family, women and children protection are to be disbanded, and the Department of Children and Social Protection is to be formed instead. It is planned to create vacancies for a social worker, a psychologist, a lawyer who will be obliged to find solutions to the problems rooted in the social sphere. Structural changes are also provided in relevant divisions of the administrative districts. The aim of the reforms is to create a unified platform for effective solution of social problems and implementation of targeted programs.

The head of the Department of Social Welfare Lusine Hovhannisyan presented the details of the structural reforms.

With the support of the USAID, UNICEF and World Vision organization the formed expert team studied the spheres of HR management, social activity and legislation related to social protection. It is planned to organize trainings for specialists to develop their professional skills and abilities. Besides, the institute of supervision will be installed and the supervision process will be conducted by the specialist of the Department of Children and Social Protection of the Municipality of Yerevan. A number of proposals were made during the meeting and some individual and local social programs were discussed. The format of further activity was also discussed according to which small groups are to be formed to ensure dynamic and flexible process.


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