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The municipal centre for neutralization of stray animals is the best in Western Eurasia


The system of electronic registration will be installed in all policlinics of Yerevan by the end of the year. This was reported during the weekly working meeting. It should be noted that currently the system has been installed in 13 policlinics. The program makes it possible to save their time and to keep the problems of the sphere under control.

* * *
The performance of the planned and collected rates of the 3rd quarter of 2019 has been summarized. Accordingly, the performance of Yerevan incomes has made up 101.7%. In comparison with the previous year this rate has increased by about 2.5 milliard drams.
* * *
The municipal centre for neutralization of stray animals participated in the 3rd conference of Western Eurasia countries of the World Organization for Animals Health held recently in Tbilisi. Nowadays, 187 countries are members of this authoritative organization at inter-governmental level. The chief veterinarian of the centre presented the activities of the organization and noted that on average they sterilize and vaccinate about 100 stray dogs a week. This year, the rates of Armenia as regards the volumes of sterilizing, mass vaccination against rabies, use of proper and high-quality medication, as well as humane treatment has been recognized best staying behind Denmark in the quantity of animals kept in shelters. The worst rates were fixed in Turkmenistan, Kirgizia and Azerbaijan. Comparing with the previous years, Georgia also conceded its positions.
During the working meeting the director of the SNCO noted that the high rating shown by Armenia will bring to settlement of a number of problems. He also added that the process of construction of the clinic and shelter complex of the centre in the area of 1 hectare had been presented at the conference as well. The complex will be put into operation by the end of the year and will be provided with all necessary medical equipment.
It was instructed to control the process of construction and to present regular reports on the implementation.
* * *
5 small trash trucks have reached Yerevan. In a few years they will join the machinery engaged in providing the cleanness of the capital.
* * *
The process of providing the doors of the porches of blocks of flats with combination locks is going on the provide the population’s security. Condominiums cooperating with residents have already installed 163 locks. In 128 blocks of flats the doors were replaced with new ones before installation of the locks.

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