Wastes are recycled: 400 special waste containers placed at 135 locations of Yerevan


Yerevan started the process of waste sorting a year ago. The first stage of the program initiated by the Mayor is experimental.
The program is of vital environmental significance as it makes it possible to decrease the volumes of wastes removed to the city dump. It is aimed at preventing burning and hazardous emissions into the atmosphere. The head of “Landscaping and waste removal” SNCO Ara Aghayan is sure that it is possible to fully implement this program within 5-6 years.

According to the project manager of “Eco waste” NGO Vahe Silahyan, the settlement of the program is possible only due to cooperation between the population, the private segment and the state system.
Special colourful waste containers appeared in Yerevan’s streets and yard areas: yellow bins are for paper, grey bins are for glass and the blue ones are for plastic. 400 containers have already been placed at various locations of the city.

However, there are still some problems as people not always dump their wastes correctly. So, the employees of the structure keep feedback with residents, inform them about the importance of waste sorting. The sorted wastes are transported to the recycling plant six days a week. The community works with four companies and plants have been chosen by competition.

The wastes are sold to plants at auctions and with the money raised different “green” projects are implemented.


Թափոնները վերամշակվում են. Երևանի 135 հասցեներում արդեն 400 թափոնաման է տեղադրված