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Taron Margaryan: “Transport flows relief in the center of the capital is a priority for us”


Within the scope of the annual report of the heads of administrative districts of Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan conducted the working meeting with the staff of Davtashen administrative district. During the meeting the head of Davtashen district Ruslan Baghdasaryan presented the report on the work done in 2017, the achievements and the plans for 2018.

Presenting the activities carried out the previous year Ruslan Baghdasaryan reported that all scheduled programs had been completed within determined terms. As an achievement of the district in 2017 the head of the district outlined the construction of new blocks of flats, new hotel complexes, recreation centers and putting into operation of two new sport centers which have made the everyday life of the district more active. It was reported that effective cooperation was developed with the districts of Artsakh, provinces of Armenia and foreign partner cities. Referring to the plans for 2018 Ruslan Baghdasaryan assured that the staff of the administrative district would go on consistent work towards cooperation expansion with the private sector.
“Mister Mayor, in 2017 we laid good basis for accomplishment of all the programs with the same efficiency and consistence. From the point of view of urban development the year of 2018 will be productive too as a segment of Yerevan bypass road will pass through our district. After the construction of Davtashen bridge this is another large-scale program for our district which in its turn will promote economic activation of Davtashen”, said Ruslan Baghdasaryan.
On the whole giving positive estimates to the work done by Davtashen district Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan drew the staff’s attention to the implementation of Yerevan development programs and business environment improvement.
“Every year our team implements programs aimed at Yerevan development and making it more beautiful. In fact, in addition to routine issues we have to pay attention to the implementation of long-term development programs. That’s why we have annual and five-year programs of development. The goal of Yerevan development five-year program is to provide proportional development of the administrative districts of the capital. Today a favourable business environment has been created in Davtashen district which must be kept and developed with encouragement of private sector to make investments not only in the city center but also in all administrative districts”, said the Mayor.
Referring to the road construction programs Mayor Taron Margaryan outlined that the new 23-km-long road connecting the northern and southern entries of Yerevan and 4 administrative districts with one another will play an important role in traffic relief in the center of the capital.
“Transport flows relief in the center of the capital is a priority task for us and as you know targeted programs have been implemented in this direction for several years. It’s important that these roads are constructed in accordance with European standards and stand out with their convenience and high quality”, stressed Taron Margaryan.
At the end of the meeting Mayor Taron Margaryan instructed to keep at the focus of attention everyday communication and feedback with residents stressing that due to such cooperation many problems raised by the residents are at the agenda today and have been involved in development programs.


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