Taron Margaryan: The suggestion to name the 118th element of the Periodic table after Armenian scientist is an enjoyable fact indeed


Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan hosted the director of Joint Institute for Nuclear Research Victor Matveev and the famous Armenian scientist, physicist, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, professor, academician of the Academy of Sciences of Russia Yuri Hovhannisyan who arrived in Yerevan to take part in the conference held jointly with the State Committee for Science of the RA Ministry of Education and Science.

Greeting the guests Yerevan Mayor outlined the important role of the institute in science development and referred to the activity of the famous scientist.
“Mister Matveev, I know that 6 nuclear elements were discovered by your 60-year-old institute and this fact proves the high scientific potential of the institute. And the fact that the 118th element in the Periodic Table OGANESSON is named after you, Mister Hovhannisyan, is really enjoyable” said Taron Margaryan and expressed confidence that while visiting Yerevan the scientists will have time to enjoy the warmth of the capital.
Expressing gratitude for warm welcome Victor Matveev and Yuri Hovhannisyan noted that they had already felt the warmth and hospitality of the capital. Yuri Hovhannisyan noted that that after his lat visit to Yerevan two years ago the capital has become more attractive and cleaner and this fact is worth appreciation.


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