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Taron Margaryan: “Our team has all qualities necessary for implementation of even most ambitious programs”


Within the frames of presentation of annual reports of the heads of administrative districts of the capital Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan conducted a working meeting with the staff of Kentron administrative district. During the meeting the head of Kentron district Ara Sadoyan presented the report on the work done in various spheres as well as the programs for 2018.

Last year systematic work was done in Kentron district in the direction of yard and parks improvement, preservation of housing fund, renovation and overhauling of educational and cultural centers as well as landscaping. The head of Kentron reported that everyday cooperation was carried out with partner organizations engaged in life support sphere as a result of which new water supply systems were constructed, cables were renovated in the entries of blocks of flats and in some other directions. Large-scale activities were carried out within the frames of improvement of the areas adjacent to the National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet after A.Spendiaryan and Swans lake. Referring to the programs anticipated for 2018 Ara Sadoyan noted that in parallel with the programs being implemented in various spheres of city economy consistent work will be carried out with the private sector to make the cooperation more active and to attract new investments.
“Mister Mayor, I want to assure you that the staff of the administrative district is ready to expand the volumes and frames of the programs comparing with the previous year which you always outline as a clear working direction. Everyday activities will be carried out with private sector to make the cooperation more active. As regards investment programs in the district, today active construction of hotel complexes is going on. This year, after complete renovation by the private sector two well-arranged and comfortable parks will be put into operation which is very expected by our townspeople”, said Ara Sadoyan.

On the whole estimating the work done by Kentron district as positive, Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan particularly attached importance to the problem of transport flows relief in the center of the city.
“During the last years we carried out systematic work to relieve the center of Yerevan from the traffic. In parallel with large-scale road construction activities, today we are discussing variants of construction of underground parking areas and in teamwork with the Road Police we are trying to find new solutions to the organization of traffic in some streets. I am sure that due to right solutions we will significantly reduce the inconveniences we have today in the center of the capital”, stressed the Mayor.
Related to green area expansion and care Mayor Taron Margaryan instructed to keep the issue at the focus of attention.
“From year to year we must double our activities related to green areas expansion and proper care. Kentron district is the face of the capital and the persons in charge of the sphere have a lot to do. All the tools are provided so make economy entities and leasers deliver their commitments. Besides, new approaches in the care for green areas must be applied and alternative landscaping ust be carry out in the areas with scarce landscaping possibilities. In this issue everyday caring and systematic work is necessary. I am sure that our team has all qualities necessary for implementation of event most ambitions programs and for providing continuative development of Yerevan”, said Taron Margaryan.
At the end of the meeting Mayor Taron Margaryan once again drew the staff’s attention to the creation of infrastructures to boost tourism development and stressed that Yerevan hasn’t been discovered completely yet for tourists and its residents.


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