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A new international operator of waste removal and sanitary cleaning has started working


The Lebanon company "Sanitek s.a.r.I" won the international competition announced by the Mayor of Yerevan has started working in accordance with the treaty. The new waste removal machinery was presented to the Mayor of Yerevan Taron Margaryan in Sahumyan square. The specialized companies from 8 countries took part in the competition announce in 2012. 2 companies were chosen: Lebanon company "Sanitak s.a.r.l" is to work in the western sector (administrative districts of Ajapnyak, Davtashen, Kentron, Malatia Shengavit) and the consortium of Armenian-Swedish companies "Ecogroup" and "LL Milioconsult" -in the eastern sector (administrative districts of Arabkir, Avan, Erebuni, Kanaker Zeitun, Nor Nork and Nubarashen).
"The organization of waste management is a serious problem for each big city and Yerevan is not an exclusion. Since 2012 we have started to take actions to regulate the sphere. First we applied to an international consulting company which taking into account the volumes of wastes offered to divide Yerevan into two sector-western and eastern and to hold the competition afterwards. The two companies won in the competition are to carry out waste removal and sanitary cleaning of the capital for 10 years", said Mayor Taron Margaryan.
"It should be noted that after signing the corresponding treaties with the mentioned-above two operators enough time was given for the production and transportation of special technical means to Armenia. "Sanitek s.a.r.l" imported appropriate quantity of new waste removal machinery produced in Europe and waste containers from Germany. As a result the company has already started its operation in the capital. The process has started in Kentron district. As soon as the process has been organized properly it will be started in other districts. Thus we can say that the proper organization of waste management corresponding to international standards has gradually started and I congratulate townspeople on this event", stressed the Mayor of Yerevan.
Presenting the new equipment and the details of the process to Taron Margaryan the head of the Armenian branch of «Sanitek» company Madlen El Bolbol expressed confidence that taking into account the professionalism and experience in the sphere of waste management and sanitary cleaning the service of the company will satisfy the residents and justify the trust of the Municipality of Yerevan.
"We have invested about 10 million euro and I suppose it witnesses that we have serious intention to work properly in this sphere so important for Yerevan. According to our contractual obligations, we are to carry out waste management and sanitary cleaning. Presently, we have 150 employees but this number will be increasing up to 300. We have fixed the minimal salary of USD 500. We start our operation from Kentron district and then go on working in other districts as well", said Madlen EL Bolbol. Answering the question of a journalist Mayor Taron Margaryan stressed that the quality of the services won't influence the fees for waste removal. "In 2015 the waste removal fees won't change, due to quality raise and consolidation of the organizations we plan the provide good service at the same price", stressed the Mayor of Yerevan.


Information and Public Relations Department
of the Municipality of Yerevan 


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