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Relatives of fallen servicemen to provide consulting to families of war participants


Mothers and wives of servicemen fallen in 44-day Artsakh war will work as consultants together with social workers of administrative districts for the families of war participants. At the initiative of the Department of Children’s and Social Protection of the Municipality of Yerevan a special seminar was organized for the mentioned group by “Ambra Centre for Mental Health” NGO. Nearly 60 participants took part in the trainings and 13 of them got certificates which were handed by Mayor Hayk Marutyan.

“I am grateful that you have been strong enough to agree to show support to the families who have suffered the same pain. We are obliged to you and we ought to show it not by saying words of patriotism but acting the way to do it. It is the least we can do for you. Be sure that your help will be of great importance for the families who went through that hell”, stressed the Mayor.
This experimental program has been implemented in three stages. First, the relatives of the fallen servicemen who joined the project participated in the trainings of psychological support of Recovery college. Second stage involved classes with the target group for the employees of social welfare, health and program divisions of the administrative districts. The 3rd stage will include psychological support to the families suffered from war.

The head of Children’s and Social Protection Department Lusine Hovhannisyan marked that they understood that the people who need help themselves might be helpful in that issue. And it came to their mind that such people can become consultants. They are really strong though previously they didn’t want to hear anyone, became self-reserved. But now they are ready to help, to give ideas and they feel trust to the community. And the community shouldn’t lose that trust.

According to the member of the Council of Elders Satenik Mkrtchyan, the project contributes to development of community abilities to face such difficult social and psychological problem. Those who lost their nearest and dearest can give a helpful hand to others though they have to overcome their inner pain, to pull themselves together and have their word in the society.
The head of “Ambra Centre for Mental Health” NGO, head of Recovery college Lilit Baghdasaryan stressed that it’s an honour for them to have such strong people in their project and together they will be able to show effective support for those who need it.



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