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Real Estate Management

Functions of the department

The Department of Real Estate Management collects information on the studies of the Yerevan community-owned residential and non-residential areas and their users.
The department carried out the activities related to inventory, registration, factual occupation of land plots by individuals and legal entities, the implementation of their liabilities and payment of fees in accordance with the standards established by the decision N178-n dated 25.12.2019 by the Council of Elders of Yerevan.


Description of state




Territory, hectares


The administrative territory of Yerevan, including









citizens’ and legal entities’ property



property owned by foreign states



• In accordance with the decision of the RA Government N1517 made on December 24,2009 “On passing the state-owned areas located within the administrative borders of Yerevan to the community of Yerevan with the right of free use”, the total area of the areas passed to the community of Yerevan with the right of free use was 10596.1 hectares of which 2752.0 hectares were of agricultural significance, residentialareas-6087.9 hectares, industrial, mining and other significance lands-817.0hectares, areas of the objects of energetic, transport, communication and communal infrastructures-128.6 hectares, specially protected areas-797.6 hectares and water-covered areas-13.0 hectares.
• 141 families have been resettled from the buildings N8 and N10 of 4th lane Artskh avenue in Yerevan which had 4th level of emergency. Some of the families were resettled from the existing housing fund, others-after putting the new building at 3,Sisakyan street into operation.
• Before putting the new building at 3,Sisakyan streets into operation the resettled families rented flats and the rent fees were partly financed by the Municipality of Yerevan.
• There are still flats in Yerevan which have been occupied but haven’t been privatized since the Soviet period.
• A number of blocks of flats and community-owned dormitories have different level of emergency because of making changes in bearing constructions while repairing and because of not making timely overhauling and fortification activities. Damaged drainage systems and roofs also had negative impact on buildings. Because of improper financing of protective and preventive measures the technical parameters became inappropriate.
• There are still some buildings and constructions in Yerevan which have state registration but no address.
• There are land plots allotted for housing in Haghtanak, Charbakh, Noragavit, Nubarashen, Silikyan and Mushavan quarters of Yerevan which have not been privatized yet.
• Some buildings, constructions and land plots are not used in accordance with their significance and purpose which is to be clarified. As a result appropriate changes will be made in the property tax database so as the fees and property taxes will correspond with the actual significance of property use.
• There are such fixture and chattel real property on the balance of the Municipality of Yerevan which have been worn out for years and now are so badly-damaged that they need extra costs to be preserved and used.


In 2019 there were 9 buildings with the 4th level of emergency on the balance of Yerevan Municipality





Kentron administrative district


41,Koghbatsi street


Shengavit administrative district


8,4th Lane of Artsakh avenue


10, 4th Lane of Artsakh avenue


10/1,4th Lane of Artsakh avenue


building of the gym of 10, 4th Lane of Artsakh avenue (former 5th college)


60, Shirak street


Ajapnyak administrative district


10, Arzumanyan street


12, Arzumanyan street (3ed entrance-4th level of emergency, 1st entrance-3rd level of emergency, 2nd entrance-3-4 level of emergency)


17, Arzumanyan street (3ed entrance-4th level of emergency, 1st and 2nd entrances-2nd level of emergency)


In accordance with the current law, the head of community makes up the land balance of the community, coordinates it with the Council of Elders and with the territorial subdivision of the RA Cadastre Committee (Yerevan Mayor-with the RA Cadastre Committee) not later than by July 1 of each year.
The land balance of Yerevan community at the moment of July 1,2019 is presented below:




                                                          Land plots


Territory, hectares




Agricultural significance


Residential areas


Industrial, mining and other objects of manufacturing significance


Energy, transport, communication and communal infrastructures


Specially protected zones


Special significance zones


Forest zones


Water areas



Main problems


• Creation of a new housing fund to implement the process of resettlement within the frames of the decision of the RA Government N682 “On settlement of the housing problems of residents of high emergency buildings to be dismantled (except for the areas of disaster zone involved in the priority program)” made on October 25,2000 and the decision N172-N made on February 5,2009 “On confirmation of the order of allotting flats to the residents of residential dormitories of high emergency level subjected to dismantling in Yerevan”.
•Address assignment of the building and constructions which have not been addressed within the frames of the RA Government decision N2387-N made on December 29,2005.
• Making rent fees for community-owned buildings and constructions and land plots relevant to the tariffs established by the Council of Elders.
• Implementation of new programs aimed at preservation and reconstruction of the housing fund of Yerevan, elimination of emergency situations and fortification of buildings.
• Settlement of the problems related to restoration of the property right for land plots allotted for housing construction in Haghtanak, Charbakh, Noragavit, Nubarashen, Silikyan and Mushavan quarters and other areas.
• Making functional and purposeful significance of buildings and constructions relevant with their factual use.
•Implementation of the process of privatization of Yerevan community-owned property which is morally and physically worn-out and requires unjustified expenses.

The Department of Real Estate Management goes on reception of individuals and legal entities every Monday from 14:00 till 16:00. To participate in the reception it is necessary to get registered in advance at “One Window” of the Municipality of Yerevan presenting an identification document.

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