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Department of Children and Social Protection

Functions of the department

Yerevan development program for 2020
Report on the activities carried out in the first term of 2020


1. To instill the system of effective management of the sphere of children’s rights protection and social welfare, including improvement of monitoring functions and assessment of the activity of social services as well as local social planning, the necessity of digitalization and financing arose. After the 1st stage of the activities carried out with the goal of installation of the system of effective management, on June 24,2020 the Council of Elders of Yerevan confirmed decisions N252-N, N235-N, N254-N, N 255-A, N 258-A and N 259-H.
2. It’s necessary to work out, organize and implement programs targeted at life quality increase of the population. The program is scheduled for the coming months.
3. The social cooperation and entrepreneurship are to be developed to increase social involvement of the population. Within the frames of the program of boosting businesswomen’s activity a meeting was held with the representatives of “EV Consulting” CJSC. During the meeting it was arranged to carry on further cooperation after presentation of the program by the organization.
4. It is necessary to work out and implement programs aimed at protection of the rights and interests and social integration of people with disabilities. About 1400 people of the 1st and 2nd group of disability got social assistance related to the state of emergency announced in the country.
5. To decrease negative impact and to improve demographic situation it is necessary to carry out appropriate policy which is to support needy families, young families and the ones involved in other social groups. The program is to be implemented within the nearest months.
7. Working out and implementation of programs aimed at integration of families of repatriates and refugees. The program is to be implemented within the nearest few months.
8. Creation and using of ways to support to the homeless. In January-June, the charity foundation “Hans Christian Cofoed” which shelters about 100 homeless, was disbursed financial aid from the budget of Yerevan as a compensation of utility fees. (28.02.2020. “Donation agreement K-8”).
Within the frames of the US Agency for International Development Armenia, within the scope of the contract ASI020, the “Hans Christian Cofoed” charity foundation was allotted property aid (wardrobes, bedding, cookers, computers, TV sets and so on).
9. Working out and implementation of support programs for individuals and families occurred in hard situation. A number of measures were taken after the regime of emergency state announced in the RA on 16.03.2020 to prevent coronavirus spread:
•. In 12 administrative districts of the capital, 756 vulnerable social groups got food products previously catered to kindergartens.
• Lonely elderly pensioners were delivered 3550 food packages which was financed from the budget of Yerevan.
• 663 children who have one or no parents and are registered in the system of need assessment, got food packages from the Ararat diocese of the AAC.
• Approximately 290 sole mothers, 50 families got food assistance from the following charity organizations:
1. “Mission Armenia”
2. “World Vision”
3. German Red Cross (food and hygiene goods)
4. Armenian Red Cross: the cooperation is going on
5. Association “Hay” within the frames of “Hay Tarets” program
6. “Soglasie” company
7. “Sunfood” company
8. Disabled and isolated people are provided with aid from “Church of Jesus Christ” organization.
9. People in self-isolation because of coronavirus got assistance from “Progressive Armenian Youth” organization.
10. Organizing and implementation of social services within the powers given by the government.
Within the period from January to May of 2020, the territorial services of social aid registered 7675 needy families, 14131 families got family social packages, 588 families got urgent assistance.
In cooperation with “Ambra” centre of psychological health, the Armenian office “Open Society Foundations” and the RA Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs the program entitled “Equal life conditions for everyone” was implemented.
The assessment of psychological health and psycho-social needs of applied citizens was done in “Stress” division of “Artmed” medical centre.
11.The composition of the network showing support to Yerevan community during the period from January to February of 2020 has been updated and is available on
12. By the decision of the Mayor of Yerevan N 655-A made on 26.02.2020, the staff of the coordinating councils for social cooperation signed at territorial level has been formed and the total number of members is 122.


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