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Urban development

Functions of the department

Department of Architecture and Urban development of Municipality of Yerevan



The Department is guided by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia, decisions of the Council of Elders of Yerevan and the legal acts of the Municipality of Yerevan, the Regulations of the Municipality as well as other legal acts.

The tasks and functions of the Department are based on the liabilities delegated to Yerevan Mayor by legal acts related to urban development sphere and are aimed at their implementation.

Functions of the Department:
- discussion of applications  of individuals and legal entities for allocations of land plots for buildings and constructions,
- preparation of urban development documentation for allocation of land plots or holding competitions and auctions,
- drawing up and submission of architectural and planning tasks for working out drafts of construction, reconstruction, restoration, fortification and modernization projects on state, community or private-owned lands,
-  preparation of coherence of projects of construction, reconstruction, restoration, fortification and modernization of buildings,
-  discussion and coordination of problems related to external communication networks necessary for engineering maintenance of buildings and constructions,
- permissions for legalization of illegal constructions on land plots owned by individuals or legal entities, of illegal constructions built in blocks of flats and subdivided buildings, as well as for legalization of such constructions in state or community-owned land plots,
- preparation of citizens’ applications related to restoration of rights for individual residential houses the certificates of ownership of which have been lost and preparation of urban development conclusion for them.

In accordance with the decision 2330-N of the RA Government made on 15.12.2005 on confirmation of the General Plan of Yerevan, in 2006, the RA Government made a decision N 1402-N on 07.09.2006 “On confirmation of the main action program for the implementation of the General Plan of Yerevan (2006-2020).

    The program includes the following spheres:

  • architecture and urban development,
  • nature protection,
  • transport,
  • building, improvement and utility sector,
  • trade and services,
  • culture and sport,
  • education,
  • health care and social welfare,
  • real estate management.