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Quarterly statistics

The information on the implementation of the program confirmed by Yerevan Mayor's decision N81-A "On confirmation of the working program of Yerevan Municipality staff for 2017" made on January 18, 2017 and on the annex of the decision N 477-A "On approval of the program of actions aimed at the improvement of business environment in Armenia in 2018" confirmed by the RA Government on 05.05.2018 is that:


In October 2018 were given

65 design permissions, 127 construction permissions, final acts (permissions for operation)


Within the III quarter of 2018 were given

503 design permissions (architectural planning assignments) 1 of which in electronic mode
548 costruction permissions
132 final acts (permissions for operation)


Quarterly statistics of 2018



Quarterly statistics of 2017



Quarterly statistics of 2016




Urban Development permission type


2017  I quarter 2017  II quarter  2017  III quarter  2017        IV quarter
design permissions 6    3    
costruction permissions 3  1      
final acts (permissions for operation) 5        
 total 14  1  3    



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Urban Development and Land Inspection Department of Yerevan Municipality,
Architecture and Urban Development Department of Yerevan Municipality