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Council of the Elders

According to the RA law "On local self-government in the city of Yerevan", the Council of Elders is elected by the procedure determined by the RA election code and is comprised of 65 members.

The Council is elected for  5-year term. The term for the newly-elected Council of Elders begins from the moment of the starting the first session. The term of the previous Council is over at that moment.
The Council of Elders of Yerevan acts in accordance with the RA law «On local self-government in the city of Yerevan» and is empowered to solve the problems of vital significance for the community of Yerevan.
The regular sessions of the Council are convened from the second Tuesday of February till the last Wednesday of June and from the second Tuesday of September till the last Wednesday of December.
During the session at least one meeting of the Council is held every month. The days of the meetings are selected by the Council.
The first meeting of the Council is convened by the force of the law after the official publication on the decision, on the next Monday.
Till the election of the Mayor the meeting of the Council is chaired by the oldest member of the Council present at the meeting.
The meetings of the Council of Elders are convened and conducted by the Mayor, and when the Mayor is absent it is chaired by the First Deputy Mayor. The Council of Elders is valid if the number of members required for taking decisions is present at the meeting…
The meeting of the Council is Public. In the cases determined by the Code of the Council of Elders close discussions can be held by the decision confirmed at least by half of the common number of the members present at the meeting..
The procedure of calling of meetings and the order of discussion of the issues is determined by the Council Code.
A special meeting of the Council is convened by the Mayor or by at least of one/third of the number of the members of the Council.
The order of calling a special meeting is determined by the Regulations of the Council.
A special meeting of the Council is held with the agenda and the term determined by the initiator not earlier than three days after the initiation...


The Council of Elders shall

• choose its Code
• elect the Mayor in cases and by the order determined by the RA law "On local self-government in the city of Yerevan" (hereinafter law)
• take a decision on vote of no confidence to the Mayor
• take a decision on job tariffs of the Mayor, his deputies, the staff of the Municipality, the heads of administrative districts, their deputies, the staff members of administrative districts
• in accordance with the Mayor’s presentation take a decision on the regulations, structure and staff list of the Municipality and the administrative districts
• within the limits of the tariffs provided by the law determine local taxes and duties, payments for the services rendered by the community (including the payments necessary for the activities carried out within the frames of obligatory norms with the aim of preservation of the blocks of flats managed by the head of the administrative district)
• take a decision on one or four-year programs of Yerevan development, long-term and special programs, attraction of loans and borrowings and other means credit means
• in addition to the norms confirmed by urban development normative-technical documentation can determine additional conditions for the implementation of the norms functioning in Yerevan
• take a decision on foundation, re-organization or liquidation of the organizations within Yerevan jurisdiction, on the regulations for Yerevan-subordinated organizations, their structure, staff number, staff list and job tariffs, Yerevan budget, its changes
• set control over the budget implementation, is empowered to take decisions on the details of purposeful use of the budget means, to liquidate the decisions of the Mayor taken on management of the budget means, to discuss and take decision on the annual report of the Mayor on the budget implementation
• take decision on annual program of allocation and alienation of Yerevan-owned property (including participation in authorized capital stock of land or legal entity), on their fees and alienation prices and conditions; and in case of a public auction-on starting prices; on the draft of the General plan of Yerevan; on the drafts of zoning of separate areas of Yerevan in accordance with the General plan of Yerevan
• by the presentation of the Mayor take decision on confirmation of the treaties on cooperation with other cities and administrative units
• set local referendum by the decision taken by at least half of the total number of the votes of the members of the Council by the initiative of the Mayor or any faction of the Council
• take decision on the names of the streets, avenues, squares, parks of Yerevan, the educational, cultural and other organizations subordinated to Yerevan
• in addition to the rules for the activities in the spheres of trade, public catering and services settle additional conditions for application of those rules in Yerevan, as well as additional rules, settle the standards and the order of giving the grades of quality of the organizations of the spheres of trade and services
• take decision on organization of fairs, as well as additional conditions for organization of open-air sales, on the additional conditions for the list of placement and the permissions for activity of bath-houses, saunas, entertainment objects in Yerevan, on the order of organization and the implementation of the activity of cemeteries in Yerevan and their preservation, on the rules for preservation and use of the public green areas in Yerevan
• settle the advertisement zone of the city significance ( in the form of maps), the streets, squares, gardens, the urban development belt of public significance (in the form of maps), as well as the conditions when the urban development activities are implemented beyond the urban development belt but are of public significance
• take decisions on urban development regulations of Yerevan
• by the Mayor’s suggestion take decision on awarding the title of the Honorary Citizen of Yerevan to the citizens of the RA or other countries
• exercise other powers determined by the law «On local self-government in the city of Yerevan» and other laws of the RA...