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Functions of the department

Intercommunity Public Transport of Yerevan

Transportation services of the population of the capital is implemented by buses, trolleybuses, minibuses and the Underground. Taking into account the tendency for vehicles growth in the capital taken place recently, the city authorities adopted the policy of increasing the volume of big capacity rolling stocks (buses and trolleybuses) and ceasing operation of minibuses. The Municipality of Yerevan includes the following passenger transportation companies: “Yerevan metro after Karen Demirchyan”, “The electric transport of Yerevan”, “Yerevan Bus”, “Yerevantrans” CJSCs the activity of which is coordinated by the Department of Transport of the Municipality of Yerevan.


Itinerary Network


Within the scope of the system reformation of the public transport of Yerevan, attaching importance to efficiency increase of the itinerary network operating in the city as well as to the necessity of formation of a new itinerary network the “WYG International Limited” consulting company won in the competition held with the support of the Asian Development Bank worked out a new itinerary network of the public transport of Yerevan which also supposes installation of the unified price and ticket system. Currently, the draft of the presented itinerary network is at the stage of discussion and assessment. The functioning itinerary system involved 62 minibus routes (1159 rolling stock units), 45 bus routes (579 rolling stock units) and 10 trolleybus routes (108 units).


Bus Transportation

Currently there are 561 buses actually operated on 39 routes in the capital. About 400 buses come out on the route daily. The bus routed are maintained by “Yerevan bus” CJSC and 17 private companies. To complete the bus stock in 2012-2017 434 buses of different makes were imported to the capital (the last consignment was in 2017, which were 3 “Hyundai” buses). In 2019, the number of buses increased on the intercity itineraries and the total number of transported passengers was 84.3% million which is by 1.6% more than the previous year. So, the volume of bus transportation in total transportation volumes is 43.2%. However this number is still lower than desirable: the efficiency of bus itinerary operation remains low. To ensure regular transportation service of the population it is necessary to carry on increasing the number of buses and ceasing the number of minibuses.

Mini-bus Transportation

Actually, there are 64 minibus routes operated in Yerevan. The routes are served by 1120 minibuses of different makes. The mentioned routes are served on the contractual bases by 36 private organizations. The volumes of minibuses have decreased recently. In 2019, 85.3 million passengers were transported by minibuses, which is less than in 2018 by 3.5 million or 3.9%. However, the volumes of transportation by minibuses are still high – 43.8% of total passenger transportation. The replacement of minibuses with buses is vital in the capital. Thus, this process is to be implemented within the frames of the installation of the new itinerary network.


Overground Electric Transport


There are 51 trolleybuses on the balance of “The Electric Transport of Yerevan” CJSC. among which are 5 “Renault”, 12 “Skoda” and 34 “LIAZ” makes. The company serves 5 trolleybus routes, 40-42 units come out on routes daily. In 2019 the number of passengers transported by trolleybuses decreased. In 2019, 5216.1 thousand passengers were transported by trolleybuses which is 6.8 thousand or 0.1% passengers less than the previous year.The volume of transportation by trolleybuses is small, about 2.7 %. Taking into account the importance of electric transport in intercity transportation in general, particularly from the ecological point of view, some renovations related to cable systems, the rolling stock stations, modernization of the stocks and stations have been undertaken.


The Yerevan Underground (Yerevan Metro) has 10 stations, the length of the line is 12.1 km, the rolling stock includes 45 wagons. 26 wagons are operated on weekdays (13 rolling stocks), and at weekends the number is less – 24 wagons (12 rolling stocks). Significant growth of the number of passengers making use of the Underground can be noticed recently which is based on the improvement of the quality of transportation. In 2019, the number of people transported by the Metro was 19993.2 which is 1520.3 more or 8.2% more than the previous year. The volumes of transportation by the Underground have also increased in the total volumes of transportation. The growth makes 10.3 %. Further sustainable growth of passengers is possible only if new stations are constructed and operated.

Public Transport Stops


856 public transport stops are separated in Yerevan, and bust-stop cabins and signs are installed at 352 of them. In 504 ones only signs are installed. The installation of the new itinerary network provides both renovation of old bus-stops and construction of new ones.In 2019 4 bus-stops were furnished with modern, wrought iron cabins.

Parking Areas


To regulate the sphere of parking places in the capital, in accordance with the RA law “On local payment for parking of vehicles”, certain activities are being implemented to arrange parking areas in community-owned streets and squares. In particular, the company which undertook the responsibility of providing parking services at paid parking areas of Yerevan carries on the process of arrangement.
To boost spreading of eco-friendly electromobiles, in accordance with the decision N 182-N of the Council of Elders made on 25.12.2019, the owners of the automobiles working on electricity get the privilege of not paying the local payment for parking. In accordance with the relevant decision of the council of Elders, 37 organizations and individuals got the permission to carry on using the staff-only parking areas.
Yerevan Mayor made 28 decisions which determine to allot 156 parking spots for taxis.

Transportation service of people with disabilities

To ensure the access of people with locomotor disabilities to city buses, within the frames of the program of providing buses with special wheelchair elevators, in 2014-2017, 25 buses of “Higer” make were imported from China. The buses are owned by “Yerevan bus” CJSC and are operated on 4 routes. (n,,14,20,22,28). There are special signs on the front and side parts of the buses with the phone numbers (011674428, 011 674460) by which one can get informed about the time the buses will approach the bus-stop. Within the frames of the program providing availability of parking areas for people on wheelchairs, special areas were separated for them in 101 paid parking areas. In accordance with the decision N.182-N of the Council of Elders made on December 25, 2019, the process of providing free tickets for parking spaces to the people on wheelchairs. 102 tickets were given for 2020.