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Festivals of Yerevan

Festivals of Yerevan

Yerevan has an important role and significance at the touristic market of the Republic of Armenia: it’s not only the basic center of tourism but is also the main center of cultural and touristic centers of the country. Tourism development worldwide and the particular attraction of the city both contributed to tourism development in Yerevan. To position Yerevan as an attractive touristic destination and to boost event tourism a number of special festivals aimed at presenting best Armenian traditions and peculiar atmosphere of Yerevan to tourists, have been organized in the capital for 6 years. With this aim some events have been formed and involved in “Yerevan summer” program of three-month events. These festivals contain touristic component and show in the best way the Armenian hospitality familiarizing tourists with everyday life and culture of the city.
The activities worked out by Yerevan Municipality tourism division within the program of tourism development in Yerevan have given significant results from the point of view of event tourism development.
The most expected and popular with townspeople and tourists festivals are “Yerevan with flair” festival of traditional cuisine , “Yerevan TARAZfest”,
“Yerevan Beer Fest”, which attract great interest and are held in summer months.
These events make the life in Yerevan more lively and cheerful both for townspeople and tourists as they are provided for people of different tastes and preferences. Anyone can find something interesting during summer moths.
During the festivals the guests of the capital participate and familiarize themselves with various elements of the city culture, listen to good music, tour about fairs, visit interesting exhibitions, take part in games, get prizes and positive charge.

“Yerevan Wine Days”


“Yerevan Wine Days” project is also very popular in Yerevan and it is implemented due to the support of Yerevan Municipality, the State Tourism Committee of the RA Ministry of Economic Development and Investments, the Armenian Tourism Development Fund. The event is held in spring, in May and boost spring tourism particularly during may holidays. The main organizer, “Eventtura” company organizes the two-day event in the junction of Saryan and Pushkin streets presenting the townspeople and guests of the capital the ancient traditions of Armenian winery. The goal of the event is to promote recognition of Armenian winery, to boost tourism in Armenia and to present our country as one of the oldest cradles of wine making. The visitors are presented about 200 sorts of wine made in Armenia and Artsakh, and the best restaurants and cafes of the capital offer best dishes of Armenian and foreign cuisines.
“Yerevan Wine Days” event is always accompanied with multi-genre music performed by popular bands,singers and DJs.
Popular wine specialists, bloggers are usually among the special gusts of the event.
The organizers of the event have treaties with Armenian and international tour-operators who ensure the flows of tourists from Russia, Iran, Germany, Spain, Italy, France and other countries.


"Utestfest Yerevan" 

Since 2015, every June, Yerevan Municipality Tourism Division and “Development and preservation of Armenian culinary traditions” NGO have jointly organized the festival of traditional cookery called “Yerevan with flair”. The aim of this festival is to present the rich assortment of Armenian traditional cookery to public and to the guests visiting Yerevan. Armenian calendar involves many traditional feasts and each of them has special ritual dishes representing the national traditional cuisine. Townspeople and guests of the capital have the opportunity to get to know and taste the best and even forgotten Armenian cookery.
The national Armenian dishes and the ritual dishes and traditions characteristic for 13 religious feasts are represented in separate pavilions. Since 2017 the cookery contest has been held (In 2017 the competition for “Yerevan” salad was announced), and in 2018, the participating cooks made a new dish –“Yerevan 2800” dedicated to the jubilee of Yerevan foundation. During the festival the survey is traditionally made among the participants and as a result the “Most Beautiful”, “ Tastiest” and “Most hospitable” pavilions are selected.
The festival is accompanied by Armenian national songs and dances, different bands and groups entertain the visitors.

The event was held under "Utestfest Yerevan" slogan.



Transfiguration Feast

Armenian Apostolic Church usually starts the festive events dedicated to the Feast of Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ, or Vardavar at the eve of the feast with the festive procession started from Saint Sargis Church of the Ararat Patriarchal Diocese and it has become a tradition. The event is held under the moto “Let’s restore our national festivals” by the initiative of Ararat Diocese and with the assistance of Yerevan Municipality and the RA Ministry of Culture. The procession moves towards Children’s park to the national songs and dances where the main event is held. Numerous townspeople and tourists join the procession along the way.During the event various games and rituals are organized. Next morning the event starts in churches with the Holy Mass dedicated to Holy Transfiguration Feast during which the ritual of blessing water is served.
The actions organized by Yerevan Municipality start with traditional parade of water trucks which provide the participants of water games with water. The main event is traditionally organized at Swan’s Lake. Here Yerevan Municipality provides all conditions for unforgettable leisure and fun. Children, young people, even adults participate in the event. Guests of the capital enjoy the day too. Rhythmic music accompanies the event and ensures marvelous atmosphere.


“Yerevan TARAZfest” 

Since 2015, every August Yerevan Municipality tourism division has held “Yerevan TARAZfest” festival during which leading designers of Armenia present their works with the traditional elements of Armenian national garments. The event makes it possible to return to our roots and at the same time to present the national traditions in a new way. From year to year the festival expands its geography. For example, in 2016 the festival was held in Stepanakert, in 2018 the head of tourism unit of Villena (Spain) Municipality arrived in Yerevan to participate in the fest.

The embassies accredited in the Republic of Armenia and the cultural centers of national minorities traditionally join the event. The Embassy of Kazakhstan, the Embassy of Israel, the Embassy of India in Armenia, the Russian center of science and culture in Yerevan, the union of Germans “Teutonia” NGO, “Polonia” union of Poles of Armenia, the Federation of Ukrainians of Armenia and other organizations take part in the festival.
The festival consists of 2 parts: exhibition-fair and fashion show of Armenian designers.
National costumes (Taraz), ornaments and other special samples made by the designers are presented by “Teryan” cultural center, “Taraz and art” photolab, talented masters of embroidery, a number of fashion houses, organizations and Yerevan History Museum in their fantastic collections of Armenian Taraz.
Music and dance groups performing in ethno style entertain the spectators. National minorities also come up with interesting performances.


Watermelon festival

Yerevan Watermelon festival has been held since 2012 and it has found its special place in “Yerevan summer” program of three-month events. The festival starts with symbolic masquerade procession.
This initiative held within the frames of cooperation between Yerevan Municipality and private sector has become very popular with townspeople and guests of the capital. The increasing number of participants proves it. During the festival in the pavilions representing 12 administrative districts are presented watermelons decorated by carving specialists. Different games, competitions are organized and the winners get prizes from Yerevan Municipality and partner organizations. A surprise is always provided by the pavilion of popular celebrities. Popular TV performers, actors singers treat people with watermelons. The event is accompanied with a concert of popular singers, dance groups, bands and DJs.


”Yerevan Beer Fest” 

“Yerevan Beer Fest” has been held in the area of Swan’s Lake in Yerevan since August 2014. Nearly three-thousand-year-old history and traditions of Armenian brewery are represented during the festival. This festival is one of touristic components of Yerevan and it has its own contribution to event tourism development in the capital. The goal of Yerevan Beer Fest is to acquaint people with peculiarities of Armenian beer and to unite the companies engaged in brewery at the Armenian market on one platform.
Only Armenian breweries are represented at the festival.
Traditionally, best pubs and beer restaurants participate in the festival.
Various contests and funny events are organized during the festival.
The event is accompanied with performances of popular Armenian singers, dance and music groups.
During the 5th jubilee Yerevan Beer Fest held in 2018 the visitors had the exclusive opportunity to get free photos in a specially designed pavilion of Marashlean photo-atelier with the characters dressed in the garments representing Urartian period. The special guest of the festival was Aram MP3, whose lively and rhythmic performance turned the festival platform into a discotheque. the event was finished to the compositions of DJ Soko who arrived from Georgia and is Armenian by nation.


“Rural life and traditions” festival


The festival of “Rural life and traditions” or “Harvest festival” organized by the initiative of “Green lane” NGO with the support of Yerevan Municipality and the RA Ministry of Agriculture, has its special place in the festivals and holidays of September. This festival is a platform where farmers engaged in organic agriculture, entrepreneurs, producers and buyers, recyclers, various organizations and possible investors can meet, exchange experience, find new markets and new pints for cooperation.
During the event handmade crafts made by craftsmen from distant districts can show their skills and art too.
The event also includes a special award: Participants are given prizes and presents for “Best farmer group”, “Best group of women-farmers”, “Best entrepreneur”, “Best youth group” and “Best organic producer”.
The festival is accompanied with a traditional concert of folk singers, musicians and groups, with performances and funny games for children.



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