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Yerevan is the capital of Republic of Armenia. It is one of the oldest cities of the world. Here are presented the heritage of historical and cultural values of centuries. There are many museums, monuments, churches in Yerevan which witness about the spiritual, cultural and scientific level of the city.

Yerevan, as an active entrepreneurial and investment stable and safe city, is attractive for historic-cultural tourism. The city has a great potential as it can suggest a wide range of high quality tourism product and service in an international tourism market.
Future touristic development in Yerevan requires highly qualified workforce, huge investments, high-quality infrastucture and services, more modern reasearch methods and technologies.

In the field of tourism the main aim of public policy is to create such system, which will satisfy the demands of the travellers (tourists), increase the contribution of tourism within the frames of national income, will promote the international relations, will stimulate disparities of regional development of living standards. For the implementation of above-mentioned issues, we should promote increasing number of incoming and outgoing tourists and at the same time to increase tourism revenues received from the tourism field by offering more high value of tourism product.

Yerevan will participate in international tourism exhibitions which is very importanat as it will enhance and ensure the sustainable development of tourism in foreign markets. Unit of tourism development programs of Yerevan Municipality organizes and provides development projects and activities plans of tourism in Yerevan (Yerevan City Tour, aesthetic and colorful lighting of monuments and historic-cultural buildings of Yerevan and the installation of appropriate signs with QR Codes (Quick Response)). These all include the structural investment and environmental projects which improve the suggestions and projects.
The Unit has cooperation with various companies, non-governmental tourism agencies, hotels, and hostels in the field of tourism and prepares suggestions for creating tourism policy, special cooperative programs with the requirements of laws, legislations and activities, as well as tourism facilities under the city construction, recreation zones.
The department is willing to cooperate with interested organizations.



 Tourism Unite of Culture and Tourism Department

Address: Yerevan, 1 Argishti str.

Tel: (+37411 ) 514-230


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