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Maternity hospital “Kanaker-Zeytun”

Maternity hospital “Kanaker-Zeytun”

The Maternity hospital “Kanaker-Zeytun” subordinated to Yerevan Municipality was founded in the 1950s. Up to now it is the only state medical establishment in the capital providing obstetrics and gynecologic services for the residents of Kanaker-Zeytun and Arabkir administrative districts. In 2017 the maternity hospital was completely renovated and re-opened solemnly. It is provided with modern medical equipment and is one of leading medical centers of the capital.

The maternity hospital has the following departments:

• department of high-risk pregnancy
• maternity department
• postpartum department
• department of intensive therapy and reanimation of newborns
• department of gynecology
• department of laboratory diagnostics



Director-Mkrtich Mkrtchyan
Address-Yerevan, 7/2, Hrachya Nersisyan str.
Phone- (010) 28 51 45 (010) 28 52 88

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