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"Grigor Narekatsi" MC

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"Grigor  Narekatsi" MC

The centre has experienced and skillful medical personnel, is saturated with new equipment. It provides in-patient and out-patient medical services.
The main aim of the MC is to provide high-quality medical aid to the population. The quality of services is regularly improved, and volumes of services are increased. The center is the basis of the higher education institutions departments where students of medical educational institutions get their knowledge.

MC provides the population with the following services:

1.Out-patient medical aid
Free ambulatory-policlinic medical aid with state guarantee is provided in out-patient clinics; dispensary observation is performed.
The free medical aid involves the following points within out-patient medical aid:
Physicians' services (local physicians, pediatricians, family doctors) provide primary health care services.
The main high-quality narrow specialized and dispensary services for children and adults:
• neurology,
• surgery,
• ENT,
• endocrinology,
• gastroenterology,
• infectious diseases
• urology
• cardiology
• pulmonology
• skin-venereal diseases
• stomatology
• ophthalmology
• oncology
• obstetrical and gynecological aid
• anti-tuberculosis service
• There are also laboratory (biochemical, isoserological, general clinic immune-enzyme) and instrumental (radiation diagnostics, functional diagnostics) diagnostic examinations with up-to-date medical equipment.


2. Hospital medical aid
The hospital building is in the administrative region of Erebuni, at Nor Aresh 22. The medical aid provided to the population includes obstetrics, pregnancy diagnostics, surgical gynecology (also by laparoscopic method), conservative gynecology, the newborn's intensive supervision, surgery (also by laparoscopic method), ENT cabinet.
It provides quick, urgent, planned medical aid.
2.1 Obstetrical department
The high qualitative obstetrics is provided to women in childbirth and newborn's in obstetrical department only by government orders. The department is saturated with one-bed and two-bed repaired rooms.
The head of the department is Gagik Gevorgyan.
Tel.: (010) 45-81-15
2.2 Gynecological department
All kinds of conservative and operative treatments of women's reproductive system are accomplished in gynecological department, including laparoscopic method.
The head of the department is c.m.s. Ashot Sargsyan.
Tel.: (010) 45-34-50
2.3 Pediatric department
2.4 Newborn's department
They organize healthy, pathological newborns' supervision due to modern equipments, intensive therapy and reanimation in the newborns' department.
The head of the department is Konstantin Krmoyan.
Tel.: (010) 45-81-15
2.5 Surgery center
The center provides high-quality all-volume general, abdominal and reconstructive plastic surgery. Both open and laparoscopic methods are used. Surgery on thyroid gland, breast gland, esophagus and diaphragm, stomach and duodenum gut, liver, biliary tract, pancreas, proctologic operations and other ones are performed.
The head of the center is MD,professor, academician of RA AMS, ASS and RF AMTS Zareh Ter-Avetikyan.
Tel.: (010) 45-34-50
2.6 Reanimation and anesthesiology department

The patients operated in the department are under the strict supervision of medical staff. The operations are realized with modern anaesthetic methods.
The head of the department is Victoria Babayan

2.7 Laboratory diagnostic service
Laboratory diagnostic examinations (biochemical, isoserologic, general clinical, immune- enzyme) are accomplished with up-to-date analyzers and methods, as well as tool diagnostic research (4D supersonic doppler, duplex, echocardiography, sonography, X-ray).
The head of the department is Hranush Harutyunyan.
Tel.: (010) 45-81-96


The head of the centre c.m.s Levon Grigoryan
Address: Yerevan, 63/1 Nor Aresh 22
Tel: (010) 45-06-60, (010) 45-81-96