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Armenian-French decentralized cooperation

On October 7-8 2010, Armenian-French Decentralized Cooperation conference took place in Yerevan and 30 French self-government bodies participated in it. In the result of this conference Armenian-French Decentralized Cooperation Charter was elected, according to which the primary spheres of this cooperation are: the French language study, economical development, tourism and rural development, local self-government and specialists' training, collaboration.
In October 2013, the second conference on Armenian-French Decentralized Cooperation was held in Valance, France.Yerevan was represented in three groups of the 4 working groups:education and culture, tourism, development of local economy.
Yerevan Mayor T. Margaryan who was in France with the official visit to participate in the conference, also had meetings with the Chairman of the Rhone Regional Council Jean-Jacques Kerant, Mayor of Lion Gerard Collomb and Mayor of Paris Bertrand Delanoe.

On December 1-2, 2016 the 3rd Forum of the Armenian-French Decentralized Cooperation was heldin Yerevan, within the scope of which meetings-discussions related to education and Francophonie, urbanism and urban infrastructures, tourism and agriculture were held. Mayor T. Margaryan hosted the mayors of Nice and Lion.