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"Polyclinic №15" CJSC

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"Polyclinic №15" CJSC

It is one of the oldest medical institutions of Yerevan. It was founded in 1936 and in its time it served the whole population of Shahumyan district of Yerevan. Now it serves over 33.000 people (who are 18 and older) living in the administrative districts of Malatia-Sebastia and Achapnyak of Yerevan. The polyclinic has 3 buildings, as well as a branch in Silikyan quarter. It is located in the centre of the serving territory. The institution has necessary subdivisions, equipments and qualified medical staff for the accomplishment of medical aid the service. 

During the last years thanks to the several initiatives working conditions of employees were improved, significantly improved the quality and efficiency of medical aid. The polyclinic has а department of therapy, where 18 local therapeutists and nurses work. Women's consultation is in function, which is provided with satisfying to the normative requirements conditions, property, equipments and qualitative medical staff. 


In the medical institutions the following specialized cabinets are in function: cardiological, surgical, traumatologic, urological, ENT, neuropathological, ophthalmologic, endocrinological, infectious, oncological, dermatovenerologic, stomatological, antituberculous. Clinical, biochemical, serological laboratories, X-ray, fluorographic, functional and supersonic diagnostic rooms are in function in modern diagnostic departments. 

There is also an opportunity to organize reanimation medical aid, as well as roоms for physiotherapy, reflexotherapy and massage. There is a registry, statistic room, and treatment room, which is saturated with necessary medicines and medical equipments for quick and urgent medical aid.


Director: Zaruhi Harutyunyan
Address: Yerevan, Sebastia 9
Tel.: (010) 74-48-30, 74-48-38, 74-24-00