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"Polyclinic №20" CJSC

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“Polyclinic №20” CJSC of the Municipality of Yerevan is located in the IV quarter of the administrative district of Davtashen and serves the population of “Huysi Avan” quarter. The number of serving population in 2010 was 48.749 people, from which 0-18 years old are 12.303, 18years old and older are 36.446. 15 therapeutic, 15 pediatric and 5 obstatric-gynecological sectors function in the polyclinic.


Special medical services are represented by the following services (children's and adults'): surgical, cardiologic, neurological, ENT, ophthalmological, gastroenterological, urological, stomatological. Dispensary medical aid is represented by oncological, dermatovenerological, infectious, endocrinological and antituberculous services.


Instrumental services: ECG, sonography, fluorography, X-ray examination. Laboratory-diagnostic services are clinical, biochemical, bacteriological laboratories.
Total number of yearly visits exceeds 180.000.


Director: Jenny Hovsepyan 
Address: the 4th quarter of Davtashen
Tel.: (010) 36-82-41

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