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"Polyclinic №16" CJSC

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In 2001 the polyclinics №16 and №2 were reformed by joining to polyclinic №16.
In 2004 the polyclinic was joined with “Kanaker-Zeytun” MC CJSC and renamed as polyclinic “Zeytun”.
The polyclinic does services for 17617 children and 14055 grown-ups.
The polyclinic has the following subdivisions:
- therapeutic department – 7 sections
- pediatric department – 29 sections
- school - pre-school department, which does service to 14 secondary schools
- women's consultation.


There are the following narrow professional cabinets in the polyclinic:


surgery, neuropathological, ENT, ophthalmological, endocrinological, oncological, dermatovenerologic, infectious, immunological, speech pathological, cardiological, physiotherapeutic, stomatological, massage, therapeutic physical training, Antituberculous cabinet serves to all the inhabitants – to 97428 people.
Laboratory gadget diagnostics - clinic laboratory, a cabinet of X-ray, sonographic and a cabinet of heart functional diagnostic.
There are cabinets for disinfection and registration.
The polyclinic includes medical centre of Kanaker as well – doc. cardiologist, doc. therapist and a nurse for swathe.

The head: M. Stepanyan
Address: Yerevan, Dro 17
Tel.:+37410 24-00-23

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