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External Design and advertising

Functions of the department

The Department of External Design and Advertisement of the Municipality of Yerevan follows the RA Legislation, the decisions of the Council of Elders of Yerevan, the decisions and instructions of the Mayor of Yerevan.

The functions of the Department are:


External advertisement


a. According to the RA law «On advertising», the head of the department submits the constructions considered to be a means for advertisement, the draft decisions of the Mayor of Yerevan on external advertisement permissions and on land allocation to the Mayor;
b. The Department sets control over the unconscionable legal entities and individuals placing advertisements, in case of violations has the power to subject the advertiser and the ad producer to administrative responsibility:
c. The Department makes the advertisement boards correspond to the established standards;
d. The Department sets control over the contents of advertisement materials as well as over the allocation of the sites for external advertisement;
e. It carries out the process of modernization of advertisement means;
f. It controls the process collection of the duties provided for external design by the administrative districts




a. The Department carries out the program of maintenance of the flagstaffs placed in Yerevan as well as of the flags placed in Municipality subordinated schools, kindergartens, cultural centers, sport schools, social services and other places;
b. During the holidays and commemoration days in the capital the Department carries out thematic design activities in the administrative districts;
c. During the official visits of the presidents of other countries flags well as other foreign delegations to the Republic of Armenia the Department carries our corresponding decoration of the flags;
d. The Department provides furnishing of the administrative districts with the elements and symbols of the city;
e. The Department carries out other decoration activities in the city of Yerevan.