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External Design and advertising

Functions of the department

The Department of External Design and Advertising of the Municipality of Yerevan follows the decisions of Yerevan Council of Elders and Yerevan Mayor’s decisions and instructions in accordance with the RA legislation.


Brief report on the activity of the Department of External Design and Advertising in 2019

• Inventory and measurement of advertisements in the administrative districts.
• Meetings were held with representatives of advertising agencies and the problems of modernization of advertisement boards were discussed.
• A number of advertisements were recognized by the community commission as having social meaning.
• Illegally placed advertisement boards were dismantled and a number of ad boards were coordinated with the legislation.
• The renovated and decorated arch passages in Yerevan were checked, damaged ones were inventories and the level of damage was determined.
• The boards for free advertisements were inventoried and renovated. Benches and trash bins were placed in all administrative districts.
• Flags on main pedestals were replaced with new ones, pedestals were cleaned up.
• Thematic decoration of the city was carried out at different holidays and events.
Within the reported period decorations with flags were carried out in accordance with the official protocol during the state visits of presidents and top officials of the following countries:
• Georgia
• Singapore
• Greece