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Construction and improvement

Functions of the department

Improvement of streets


The repairing of asphalt and concrete cover and filling of holes is going on in the streets of Yerevan.
After signing contracts, within the frames of the programs of 2019, renovation, filling of holes and cracks, overhauling of streets with earth grounds are to start in 12 administrative districts of the capital.Currently, renovation activities are being carried out on kerbs, headwalls, pavement of sidewalks, repairing and painting of metal fences and wheelchair ramps.
Within the frames of the programs of 2019, 37 water constructions and fountains are operated.
Technical maintenance of 40 bridges, overpasses, transport hubs,overground passages and bridge constructions on the balance of the Municipality of Yerevan is provided.

Improvement of buildings


Renovation of balconies of blocks of flats in Erebuni and Kentron administrative districts has started within the frames of Yerevan Municipality provided for 2019. Such activities are also planned in Ajapnyak, Arabkir, Avan, Malatia-Sebastia, Nor Nork, Shengavit and Kanaker-Zeytun districts.
Besides, it is planned to repair, wash and clean the facades of 5 buildings.

Creation of recreation zones


To preserve and expand the green areas of the capital within the scope of Yerevan Municipality programs new recreation zones are created and the existing parks and squares are improved. The program of 2019 provides for the well-arrangement of the 3rd segment of Circular park.


Capital renovation of educational, cultural and medical establishments


The municipal program provided for 2019 includes renovation of 21 kindergartens. Renovation of roofs has started in two municipal policlinics, preparations are going on in three medical establishments.


Renovation and preservation of monuments

Renovation of pedestals of the monuments located in Yerevan is included in the program of Yerevan Municipality provided for 2019.

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