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Construction and improvement

Functions of the department

Improvement of streets

The repairing of asphalt and concrete cover of streets and yard areas has been over. Kerbstones, pavement tiles have been renewed, metallic fences have been restore and paited,headwalls have been repaired, wheelchair raps have been constructed.
Technical maintenance, operation an restoration of bridge constructions, overground and underground crossings and water constructions is provide. There are 37 bridges and bridge constructions on the balance of Yerevan Municipality.

Creation of recreation zones

To preserve and expand the green areas of the capital within the scope of Yerevan Municipality programs new recreation zones are created and the existing parks and squares are being improved. In 2017 the area of “Swan Lake” park was improved.

Capital renovation of cultural and medical establishments

In 2017 27 kindergartens, the music school after A.Gabrielyan, the gym of the sport school of Nork Marash administrative district and the youth creative center of Shengvit district were completely renovated. Widows have been replaced with new ones in 7 policlinics.

Improvement of yard areas

Within the frames of the program of yard areas improvement of 2017 6 small football grounds were constructed in the yards of administrative districts. Their total number is 132.

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