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Trade and services

Functions of the department

Report on the work done in 2016

Plan for 2017

For effective organization of the control over meeting the requirements of legislation in the sphere of trade and service everyday visits to administrative districts of the capital were carried out with the aim of revelation and prevention of the cases of illegal street trade. Permanent duties were organized as well. Trade with the goods allowed for vending was regulated.
As a result of the control over illegal street trade 309 administrative protocols were drawn up in 2016.
At the support of Yerevan Municipality, for the 3rd year running the RA Ministry of Agriculture at weekends has organized fairs of agriculture products in the area adjacent to Kasyan street and near cafe “Malibu”. Farms of the districts of Armenia take part in the fairs presenting the products of their own production.
If necessary such fairs will be organized in other parts of the capital.
In 2016 the control over 274 commercial enterprises engaged in funeral services was set.
In 2016 the owners and leasers of commercial objects were regularly informed about the fines for alcohol and tobacco selling to juveniles. Rigid control over keeping the requirements of law was set as well.

During the meeting of the Council of Elders of Yerevan convened on September 13 the Council confirmed the conditions and the restrictions related to trade process arrangement in the area of the exhibition and trade center (Vernissage) located at P.Buzand 1/5. By the decision of the Council the requirements and obligations applied to the leasers engaged in commerce were confirmed. Besides, the groups and types of allowed and forbidden goods were confirmed by the decision. By the decision of the Council, only selling of handicraft, pictures,scultures,graphics as well as samples of folk art and craft such as sculptures made of wood, silver jewels,souvenirs,medals,coins,pictures,antiquities,carpets,handcraft,books,printed tourists materials, household souvenir items, jewelry tools, hunting equipment, items for animals care, natural stones, audio-video production can be sold in the mentioned above area.
The trade from “Vernissage” fair is replaced to the area near “Hrazdan” stadium.
During the mentioned period “Unigraph X” company neutralized 15522 stray animals.
In 2016 the Department of Trade and Services received 1238 applications and 1145 letters. All the raised issues got appropriate replies.
All the mentioned above programs and measures will be continued in 2017.



Department of Trade and Services of the City Hall of Yerevan


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