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Trade and services

Functions of the department

The results of the activity for the first term of 2018

To provide effective organization of the control over legislation requirements in the sphere of trade and services everyday visits to administrative districts of the capital were carried out with the aim of revelation and prevention of illegal open-air trade. Permanent duties were organized too. Vending of goods permitted for street sale was regulated.
As a result of the control over illegal street trade 215 administrative protocols were drawn up in the first half of 2018.
With the assistance of Yerevan Municipality at weekends the RA Ministry of Agriculture organizes agricultural fairs in the area adjacent to Kasyan street and near “Malubu” café. Farms of the districts of Armenia take part in the fair and present their own production to consumers.
In case of demand such fairs will be organized in other districts of the capital.
The control over the entities engaged in commercial activities related to funeral services is continued as well.
In the reported period “Unigraph X” company neutralized 6473 stray animals.

Department of Trade and Services of the City Hall of Yerevan

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