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Trade and services

Functions of the department

Results of activities carried out in the field of trade in 2019


In 2019, inspections were carried out in 25000 entities to check out local revenue collection processes due to which the collection rates by 25.12.2019 made up AMD 1.492.051.400 which is AMD 370.682.900 or 33% more than the previous year. As a result of the inspections made in the field of trade and services 2322 violations were revealed. 1250 protocols on illegal open-air trade were drawn up.

135 protocols were drawn up on failing meeting the requirements determined by law by trade and catering entities;85 cases of them referred to realization of expired goods; violation of tax law requirements was fixed with 70 persons and appropriate information was sent to the RA State Revenue Committee.

In 2019 the department initiated dismantling of 36 pavilions and stalls placed in public areas without permission.

To ensure legislative regulation in the field of trade and services the department worked out 7 normative and legal acts.


Activities to be carried out in 2020


The process of improvement of the sphere of trade and services, prevention of illegal open-air trade are to be continued. Relevant measures are to be taken in public areas of Yerevan: pavilions and stalls placed without permission or with expired permission in busy sidewalks and areas to be landscaped will be dismantled.
It is planned to work out corresponding normative and legal acts aimed at the improvement of legislation in the sphere of trade and services.
Funeral services and/or permissions for such services, as well as control over proper implementation is to be carried out.

Proper control over local revenue collection and appropriate budget flows will be provided. To exclude hindering of pedestrians’ movement it is planned to carry on regulation of the activity of open-air cafes. Coordinated and efficient supervision will be provided within the scope of the powers delegated by law.


Department of Trade and Services of the Municipality of Yerevan

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