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Development and investment programs

Functions of the department

The aim of the 5-year and annual programs of Yerevan development is to ensure sustainable proportional development of Yerevan taking into consideration vital interests and welfare of the population. The guarantors of the program realization are the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia, the RA law “On local self-governance”, the RA law “On local self-governance in the city of Yerevan” and some other legal acts, as well as the local authorities-Yerevan Municipality and the Council of Elders of Yerevan.

The programs of Yerevan development and the reports on them are made by the Mayor and presented to the Council of Elders. While working out the project of annual budget the programs of Yerevan development are taken into account. Yerevan Municipality attaches big importance to cooperation establishment and expansion with the private sector in various spheres of the city economy. Besides, Yerevan Municipality implements projects with international organizations to introduce innovations and attract investments in the city infrastructure.
The Municipality is open and ready for cooperation with the organizations and individuals who want to contribute to Yerevan development. 


“Yerevan: solar community” program of EU

The aim of the project is to reduce energy use and CO2 emissions related to it by means of sing renewable energy sources and implementation of energy efficiency measures in bocks of flats of Yerevan.
The program involves 90 blocks of flats. it is planned to install photovoltaic systems of the roofs of the mentioned-above buildings to provide energy generation necessary for saving energy in common premises of the buildings (staircase, yard areas lighting and energy use of elevators). The lighting in these areas will be provided with LD lamps.

The project actions:

- realization/ replication of pilot projects in 90 blocks of flats,
- creation of the mechanism for urban energy planning and management,
- increasing of the potential of condominiums and project partners.
Within the scope of the project it is planned to show support to management bodies of the blocks of flats (condominiums) in optimization of energy use via installation of energy efficiency increase measures in the buildings and installation of photovoltaic modules for local generation of energy necessary for common premises of the buildings.
Total expected volume of reduction of CO2 emissions is 844 tons a year.
Duration-01/03/2018 – 01/03/2020 (24 months)
Total costs of the project is 1,25 million euro, of which 1 million is EU grant, and 250 thousand euro is co-financed by Yerevan Municipality.

On December 27, 2017 Grant Agreement for reali.

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“Energy efficiency of Yerevan and thermal insulation of blocks of flats”

The aim of “Energy efficiency of Yerevan and thermal insulation of public buildings” is realization of complex actions aimed at energy efficiency increase in municipal public buildings as well as their seismic stability increase.
On December 1, 2017 the financial treaty “Energy efficiency of Yerevan” was signed between Yerevan Municipality and European Investment Bank which was approved by the decision of the Council of Elders N95-A dated 28.12.2017.
The main goal of the program is energy efficiency increase particularly in kindergartens. As a result, the financial costs for energy services in public buildings and CO2 emissions will be reduced. To realize the program of energy efficiency of Yerevan the EIB disbursed the loan of 7 million euro: the Eastern European Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership Fund (E5) gave the grant of 5 million euro and the Green Climate Fund (GCF) gave the grant of 1 million euro.
On January 17,2018 the initial meeting-discussion of the program realization was held. During the meeting the issues related to the schedule of implementation, organization of the work, holding the tenders and drawing up the lists of buildings to be involved in the program.
It should be noted that the program of Yerevan energy efficiency corresponds to the five-year program of Yerevan development planned for 2018-2022.

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Christmas fair


Since 2012 Yerevan Municipality jointly with “Pascal and Diodato” organization has been organizing the New Year and Christmas fair. This project organized for the fifth year running is one of the best examples of cooperation of Yerevan Municipality with private sector.

The New Year souvenirs,sweets,hot wine (glintwein) are sold in pretty decorated pavilions. In comparison with 2012,in 2016 the number of pavilions has increased (from 16 to 33).



Yerevan half-marathon

Yerevan Municipality jointly with “Repat Armenia” fund and in collaboration with private companies helds alredy traditional “Yerevan half-marathon” the main aim of which is propaganda of healthy lifestyle and development of sport tourism. The event is also aimed at making Yerevan more attractive for sportsmen and amateur runners representing Diaspora this way contributing to strengthening their ties with the homeland.
On October 15, 2017 within the frames of “Erebuni-Yerevan 2799” celebrations “Yerevan half-marathon” started from St.Shahuyan square. The marathon consisted of four distances:21.1 km for runners aged 18 and older;10 km for participants aged 16 and older, 5 km for runners aged 13 and older and 1 km for children fro 7 to 12 years old. Disabled participants took part in the race on 5 km distance. About 2000 runners from 33 countries took part in the marathon. The first three runners come to the finish line got money prize, all the participants got memory medals and T-shirts.
“Yerevan half-marathon” got the international status from the Association of International Marathons and Distance races (AIMS).


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Project “Green city lighting”

The Memorandum on Intentions regarding “Green city lighting” program was signed between Yerevan Municipality and the Armenian Office of the Un Development Program. Within the scope of the program the modernization of the external lighting of Yerevan started in 2014 will be continued.
Within the frames of the pilot project of the UNDP carried out from 2005-2017,in 6 main highways of the capital (25 km) 1250 energy saving LED lamps were installed (Isakov avenue up to “Zvartnots” airport crossing; “Haghtanak” bridge; Mashtots avenue, Athens street, Tsitsernakaberd highway, the road leading to the Memorial Complex of Tsitserbakaberd and Arshakunyants avenue). Using of energy saving lamps makes it possible to sve up to 60% of energy. Within the scope of the project the system of lighting of Yerevan Zoo is being modernized too.

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Hackaton “Climathon Yerevan”


With the assistance of Yerevan Municipality the “Fund of sustainable energy development” held the first hackathon “Climathon Yerevan aimed at solving climatic problems. The aim of the event is to work out innovative and optimal solutions for the improvement of ecological and energetic management. The final aim is to contribute to air cleaning in the city. More than 40 innovators, entrepreneurs, students and experts take part in the program.
It should be noted that Climathon is held in 230 cities at the same time. Each city determines its climatic challenges and within 24 hours the participants work out corresponding innovative solutions.


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«Smart Yerevan Hackathon»


At the joint initiative of Yerevan Municipality, the CE and UNDP the 24-hour “Smart Yerevan hackathon” was organized. The aim of the hackathon is to work out smart solutions for Yerevan. During the hackathon 70 specialists within 24 hours are to work with the provided database in three main directions: management of buildings, tourism development and cleanness of the city.


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“Energy efficiency increasing in buildings” program


On November 12, 2012 Yerevan Municipality and UNDP office signed the memorandum of intentions according to which the potential of energy saving in blocks of flats was presented by means of “Energy efficiency increasing in buildings”.
In 2013-2014 within the frames of the mentioned above program, energy saving and efficiency increasing activities were carried out in the block of flats at D. Varuzhan 6. The building was selected taking into account its high seismic activity, the existing system of central heating which made it possible to understand how effective the approach can be.
The activities included installation of windows in the basements, installation of thermo-insulation materials on external walls, replacement of windows and doors on the staircases, hydro-insulation of the roof.
In accordance with the UNDP surveys, after energy efficiency increasing in the block of flats 60% energy saving was provided.

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